The Land Of Dark Stories

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Tom Trueheart. He was on a mission to save his six kind brothers and there ugly princess brides. There was only one problem… HE WAS THE SIZE OF A THUMB.

Tom Trueheart crawled under the bad built wooden wall and “AAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!” he screamed. The boy was going through a deep scary portal to THE LAND OF DARK STORIES. Tom found himself in a errrrrmmmm….. Dark story?

He was in a kitchen full of ZOMBIES. “AZGM KN SHPZ MAAAA!!!” roared the Zombie. (I think that means there is a tiny human being still alive on planet Zombies,he’s only the size of a dirty old thumb.) Tom thought. When the gross disgusting zombie turned his or her back Tom ran for it. The Zombie shouted “GVABCM DIGSTG NI INING LAOOTE KKKK N A F G NNNN GGGG EEEEE GGA A B B CCMNCAB”.

(2 minutes later)

“AAARR’ (I think that means the disgusting little stupid brat has disappeared.)

“Brothers and ugly brides I have found you at last!” Said Tom. So, they fought the MUTANT Zombies and lived happily in a little beautiful cottage.

The land of dark stories

Tom Trueheart is a ten year old boy, he’s going on a mission to save his six brothers and their princess-brides. There is only one problem. He’s the size of a thumb. Tom is a very courageous boy. Perhaps the most courageous boy out of his six brothers and their princess-brides.
One gloomy night, Tom Trueheart collected some bread and a flask of tea just in case his brothers were hungry. Soon enough he got in his tent tiny car and drove through the long green grass until he came to some tall, rusty and creaking gates. The wind was blowing heavily and there was nobody around. Then in the black house behind the gates he heard tortured screams. This went on for a while.
Big screams.
Small screams.
Long screams.
“Is there actually children in there?” he thought to himself.
Tom Trueheart climbed through the keyhole. He saw dragons, witches, zombies, cauldrons and many more. He looked over in the corner of the room. You would have never guessed what he saw. Tom Trueheart saw his brothers and their princess- brides but they were all DEAD!…
To be continued

The land of dark stories

In a dark forest was a boy named Tom Trueheart he was…really heroic! He is on a quest to get his six brothers and the princess brides back. Tom though wasn’t normal because he was the size of a thumb! Oh my gosh! He was tiny! So tiny no one could see him.

Tom arrived at the land of dark stories (after two hours) he creeped across a wooden bridge into giant’s lake. Tom crawled up on a rock and saw a giant, a mammoth and a mountain “ROAR!” screamed something “what the hell” Tom shouted. Loads of fire and smoke filled the air.

The land of dark stories.

One stormy,dark night there was a young 7 year old boy named Tom Trueheart.Tom Trueheart has a mission to save his brothers and there wining princess brides.The reason is they have been captured by the king of the jungle(a gorilla).The only problem is he is so massively tiny he is about the size of a thumb.

So off he went to save his brothers!He knew where his brothers were they were in the land of dark stories.So he slowly jumped into the portal. BANG!He hit the rocky sand like a truck smashing into a wall.”Wow that was a big fall, well I guess this is the place” said Tom. Tom Trueheart had a look around.At first he couldn’t see anything but then he heard a voice shouting “HELP”.

He rushed over to a big volcano and in a cage hanging on the top was his six brothers and there brides.He new he couldn’t just run up the volcano so he had to try another way.He found a bow and arrow lying in the ground he only had one shot…”yes I hit it” said Tom. But they all fell in the volcano.

The land of dark stories

Tom Truehart is 5 beacouse he was born on a leap year. He needs to save his siblings,6 brothers and 1 princess bride through the land of dark stories.But there is just one problem…he is the size of a thumb!

He set off on his quest “it is going to be a long day” Tom said tiredly as he went over the hill he took a long snooze. “AHHHHH” he shouted “that hill was big” he said “nearly fell out” exaggerated Tom.

He finally reached it he needs to get there in less than 2 hours but how…